Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pets again!

Here is some more information for all those of you who want to start a pet franchise. The Camp Bow Wow & Trade are a company who are successfully developed to provide a fun, safe and upscale environment for dogs to play, romp and receive lots of love and attention! In order to start a franchise with them you need a total capital investment of $200,000-$350,000. An extra $50,000 of liquid capital is required. The net worth required is $150,000. You can seek for a financing assistance via a third party. The Camp Bow Wow and Trade provide doggy day camp for clients wishing to drop their dogs off in the morning and pick them up in the evening, as well as overnight boarding for travelers. Overnight boarders play in the day camp program during the day and are kenneled individually at night. The customers are committed to them because they take extra care of their beloved canines. You can expect a high level of training and commitment from the franchiser but in return they also expect certain levels of commitment from you as a franchise owner. To run a successful Camp Bow Wow and Trade facility you need to be excited about what you are doing! Your passion and positive attitude for providing outstanding care for the furry clients will not only help you keep challenges in perspective so you can meet them with greater ease, it will also create an atmosphere which will draw customers over and over again.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Retail Franchising

Retail franchise in a fresh and potential option, entrepreneurs who want to enter the franchise business can give it a think. You can start of with chocolates as a retailing option. Peterbrooke Chocolatier is a celebrated name in this field and has captured the imaginations of chocolate lovers around the world. Their recipe is that creativity and unsurpassed customer service which has transformed the European chocolate making art into truly an American experience. Becoming a part of their team can truly be a sweet experience for you. Owning a Peterbrooke franchise can be once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as the retail chocolate sales in the United States exceeds $13.1 billion mark every year. They have eight successful company owned locations in north eastern and central Florida and a booming online store as well. Since 2000 their companies have doubled their sales. As a Peterbrooke franchisee you and your store benefit from the rich history behind their name, with them the possibilities are delicious. Their franchise-training program will train you to become world class chocolatier. A team of experts will teach you the process of creating famous chocolates. You will receive step by step instructions from a series of informative manuals about business policies and practices, operating and marketing your business, production and inventory planning, developing sales and customer service. So what do you think isn’t it a mouth watering opportunity? Why not grab it?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Home services franchise

The Painting Pros is a franchise that deal in residential and commercial painting business and is an annually $22.5 billion industry nationwide. The statistics should come as no surprise when you know that the price of new homes is becoming prohibitive for many and people don’t have the time or skill to paint their own homes. For those of you who desire to succeed the Painting Pros are offering very attractive advantages. They provide leads, low start-up costs, national and regional advertising, exclusive customer financing programs, large exclusive territories with no inventory required, unsurpassed marketing through a step-by-step proven system and national accounts as well. Their propriety software program, The Total Work Flow, estimates on the spot potential customers allowing a professional full color presentation with rapid decisions. They are already one of the largest companies owned painting contractors in the Southeast and cherish the goal of becoming ‘America’s Painting Company.’ To meet that end they are extending invitation to people with an aptitude for business and an attitude for success to be a part of them. They are looking for candidates with management experience who recognize the enormous market for residential repainting. They maintain national contracts that will pass on to you. If this all sounds good, but you don't have painting experience, don't worry. You don't have to know how to paint to be a part of The Painting Pros franchise opportunity. As a franchisee you hire experienced painters to do the work for you.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

High Capital franchising

For those of you who have a good amount of money and financial resources to back upon a high capital franchise may not pose many problems and may be rewarding. The Six Disciplines Business Coaching franchise is one of these kinds. With them you can own a franchise and profit from a program that is revolutionizing the way small to medium size businesses are formulating and executing their strategies and thereby growing their businesses. If you are interested in owning an innovative type of a franchise then you should be a Six Disciplines franchise owner. Being one you will be offering a unique coaching program that is proven to be successful in transforming good businesses in to outstanding performers. They are seeking for well connected and experienced business executives or owners to own and operate a Six Disciplines franchise; the franchise territories offered are exclusive. So you know that they are owned and operated by the best in the field. Six Disciplines offers unlimited potential for those who are suited to own one or more of their franchises. The benefits include the freedom to own and operate a new type of coaching business that is revolutionizing the industry, be the part of a selected members of the best coaches in America, make a difference in your community and experience the thrill of getting an early start in this business opportunity with huge growth potential.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Business Services franchise

Helping people realize their dreams can even be a business venture, had you ever thought about it? Business Services franchising are something that help you do that. FranChoice does the consulting for entrepreneurs. It provides a free service to qualified individuals looking for 5 franchise business opportunities to own in the United States. Their consultation process saves both time and money for the search providing with intelligent choices based on the goals of the customers and their preferences, and the best part is that it is free of cost. They use the information acquired from he potential franchisee to determine which franchises for sale will match them the best. This involves a three-step process of information gathering, personal franchise consultation and franchise selection. Their franchise consultants provide the tools and experience to guide during the investigation process with the franchise companies. There are over 5000 franchise companies and the investment range of these opportunities run from less than $5,000 to over a million dollars. From a practical standpoint however one has a net worth of at least $100,000 of which at least $25,000 to $30,000 is readily available for investment in a business. If one does not have these minimums he/she will find options so limited that franchising will probably not seem to be a viable option. So if you yourself think that Franchoice can find you good options then you can their start off as a franchisee with them or else surely seek the help of finding the right choice from them.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Retail franchises: Something new!

Retailing is a great opportunity these days in the field of franchising. The Sterling Optical offers a solid business opportunity with a strong name. It also ensures financial security and a bright future. It is one of America’s largest retail optical chains and they are fastest growing optical franchise in the industry. While joining them you would join a top recognized optical brand and will benefit from 90 years of experience in the retail optical industry. They are reputed as the national leader in a $16 billion industry. They have a comprehensive business operating system, an exclusive group vision plan, special financing programs and insight managed vision care. Once you join them as a franchisee you are to succeed with a proven operating system.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kids' franchisees

We all love kids. So when you already love them then why not get involved with them a bit more? A kid’s franchise may be a chance for you to fulfill this great wish. Every year the average child in America outgrows $1000 worth of toys, clothes and equipments and parents tend to replace them with new ones. Hence the need for quality children’s products at affordable prices is growing steadily. Kid-to-Kid is a successful store as it creates an environment and offers a selection that appeals to customers who other wise don’t stand at a thrift store. Parents feel uncomfortable shopping for their children in a second hand store even if prices were low. But the little pink door that greets kids when they arrive, the look and feel of the marketing materials and displays, all of these give the customer a sense that they are different. Hence Kid-to-Kid was ranked one by Franchise 500 in 2005. Kid-to-Kid storeowners are also different from most franchisees as their success is a natural result of meeting customers' needs. Participation in the Kid-to-Kid buying and selling process is a win-win-win situation. Families win when they receive cash for recycling their used children's products and parents win as they purchase quality used products at a fraction of the retail price.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Personnel and staffing franchise opportunities

Entrepreneurs interested in starting a business or buying one can need information on staffing, recruiting, personnel, employment agencies and human resources franchises. Health care is a good option for franchising these days. Health Career Agents are a significant organization in the field. With one million job openings in the health care sector you have a good chance. The recruitment fees will range from $12,000 to $30,000. There are two ways in which you can start with medical staffing and health care recruiting, either you can make the investment and start the business as an operator or make no investment and work as a sales consultant with an organization. The Health Care Agents is an international health care recruiting and medical staffing company. They have pioneered the process of recruiting healthcare practitioners and placing them in new employment positions with attractive recruiting and staffing fees. Health care professionals are at a critical shortage all over America especially in the areas like nursing, pharmacy, physician practice and diagnostic imaging. The pressure is about to increase with 76 million ‘baby boomers’ hitting the retirement age. Medical staffing is an $82 billion industry. This organization unlike the traditional recruiters focuses on the health care practitioner representing them as the agent. They help you build a team of sales consultants who work from home making recruiting calls for you. They also provide research, marketing, email tracking and candidate management software to manage your team while maximizing the placements. So what do you think?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Low Capital Franchises

The Kumon Math. Reading. Success is a franchise that requires a very minimal capital investment of $9,250, which can rise to a maximum of 29,250. An additional liquid capital of $10,000- 25,000 is required and you require no financing assistance. Kumon ranks one in the tutoring services franchises, number seventh in low investment franchises, number fourth in top global franchises and the thirty-first among the fastest growing franchises. As a Kumon franchisee you enjoy you do a rewarding work that benefits the community, you help children realize their potential, you have a relatively modest start up and operational costs, you ally with a successful and established company and you are also accompanying something meaningful everyday. Kumon fosters a mastery of basics of reading and math. They also foster an improved concentration and study habits. They provide a proficiency in material at every level. So if you have a passion for education you can just share hands with Kumon.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Mobile services

Entrepreneurs interested in franchise opportunities can also glance at the mobile service and the related delivery as a field for franchising. The USA Insulation Business System is an insulation installing company who believe that there is just one chance to do it the right way. They satisfy the customer with their premium USA insulation products and the services in the best kind of a way. Once you join their franchise you will be selling the excellent US products and services primarily to customers whose homes were built prior to 1980. No matter what their homes are constructed of you can help them, the USA premium home insulation can be used in brick, block, stucco, shingle and wood houses and even in houses with vinyl and aluminum siding. The products also provide an effective moisture and temperature shield in the basement walls. For over 25 years they have saved billions of dollars, thousands customers on their heating and air-conditioning bills. They provide the customers with highest R-Value in retrofit applications, they are versatile and 100% non-toxic, the appliances don’t crack, burn or settle, moisture repellant, clean and dust free. So you know that customers will always have a need for such products and services.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Internet and Computer Franchises

If you are a computer freak and love spending time on the net then Internet and computer franchising can also be a considerable cup of tea for you. So here is some information that may help you. The DVDNow Kiosks, Inc. is an established coast-to-coast presence in one of the most speedily growing entertainment industry at the present point of time. They deal in the automated DVD rental kiosks. If you want to start of as a franchisee with them then you may know that they are transforming the way in which customers rent movies, they are the next step in the evolution of DVD rentals. People are used to renting a new release where it is the most convenient and the fastest. Their DVD rental kiosks are the perfect match for groceries, convenience stores, gas centers, offices, etc. Joining it you become capable of capitalizing from the massive DVD industry. Their model is easy to focus and simple- you just need to know what is highly profitable and readily available, they are expanding in all states and also available internationally. So what do you think? The Fast Teks can be another option for you; they are on-site computer service providers. No real experience is necessary just strong management skills are what they seek for. Fast Tek franchise owners manage a staff of technicians and trainers who travel and conduct all the services at the site of the business or the residence of the customer. If you want to own a business of your own and follow a proven business plan to catch up with the industry leaders then surely Fast Tek is for you.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sports and recreation franchises

If you choose sports and recreation to the subject for your franchise then here is an account on photography, golf, recreation sports and more. If you are interested in owning a fitness franchise then Snap Fitness Franchise may be a good option for you. They are a 24-7 working out gym. Their unique implementation system helps you own and operate an exercise facility both affordable and easy to manage. Opening a franchise with Snap Fitness you will surely be providing a convenient business option in your area. With a 24-hour card key locking system your members are guaranteed with a secure workout and the convenience of owning it will provide both then owner and the member. Snap Fitness franchises are priced affordably, they offer 24 hours convenient access, they have a low operating overhead in a safe and secure environment and also commercially upgraded equipments. On the other hand golf can be another franchising option for you as it is a great recreating medium. Golf USA is a retail golf store that takes motivation, determination and passion for success. They are one of the largest golf retailers with more than hundred stores worldwide. They also have the largest support staff in golf franchising they are able to bring expertise to regarding all aspects of the business. They were rated the No.1 Golf Franchise in 2007. As a golf franchise partner they provide market analysis, site location assistance, lease negotiation assistance, training, store layout, designing and fixture creating, advertising, marketing and promotional programs, inventory control and business analysis support, etc. So may it be fitness or recreation you have all as your options at your expense, any of them can be equally profitable as there is a huge support system on the part of the franchiser to help you out and establish your business. So nothing to worry, just grab the opportunity.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Fitness Franchises : Massaggiano

With the sudden hype in fitness and health matters in recent past health and fitness franchises can be a lucrative option for entrepreneurs these days. A number health gyms and fitness spas have started franchising so you have quite an opportunity. Massaggiano is a veteran in the field-if you are looking for a new concept in a fast and strong growing industry with the support of franchiser who cares about your success then Massaggiano is the franchise for you. The spa industry is the fourth largest leisure industry and its revenue is always at a growing pace and the demand will only change to grow even greater. Massaggiano has built a successful business model based on the passion to provide guests with absolute and emancipating experience through an exceptional and fantastic relaxing massage in the Tuscan style. They are committed to success and will be with you at every step from site selection to grand opening and even on your tenth year anniversary. To be a part of this five to seven dollar industry all you need to do is fill up their form on the net and just wait to hear from them. Relax The Back can be yet another option for you. For the last twenty years they have been the leaders in specialty retailing of ergonomic and comfort products. The fact that they are the only franchised retail business of their kind within the US$70 dollar health and fitness industry can be exciting to the entrepreneurs. When you become a franchise with them you simply join a time-tested support system, though you do business for yourself but your not alone. They give you a robust start support, powerful marketing, advertising expertise and ongoing business consultation and finally place you with success. So just buck up, be confident and start off.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Do you love food? Do you enjoy both eating and cooking? And are you also in need of a job rather do you want to start a business of your own? In that case here’s is something that may interest you. You may start with a food franchise. The Gofer Ice-Cream may be a lucrative option. The catch line being “It’s always a good day to Gofer Ice Cream” their brand is based on the simple premise of selling high quality American Style ice-cream served in clean and inviting retail environments. They focus equally on hard hand-dipped and premium soft serve ice-cream products. Their menu includes fat free treats like smoothies and “Gofer Lite” along with associated cakes and delicacies. Their shops are bright and family oriented which offer you a warm welcome accompanied by the smell of fresh waffle cones. Your concept that is a franchisees point of view is quick service and efficient operation which is well served as the system here is to function with minimal staff lead by a motivated owner operator. Once you start as a franchise are blessed with an exclusive territory along with assistance in site location and store design. You can receive training at a live Gofer shop at their Support Store Center as well. As a franchisee you also receive operations manual and field support. You will have to pay an initial Franchise fee of $25000 and may receive discount for multiple locations. Along with this you will have to pay a 5% royalty and 1-2% marketing contribution. Presently they are seeking for a franchise in Connecticut.

Monday, June 4, 2007

The Bark Busters

Entrepreneurs interested in animals and pets can focus on pet franchise as a business opportunity. The franchisers may provide you with training, support and financial requirements. There are a number of well-known brands you can choose from, for example Wild Bird Centers or the Bark Busters or the Aussie Pet Mobile, etc. The first in the list are an American franchise, their full service stores carry a complete range of birding products like seeds, suet, feeders, baths, houses, books, hardware and garden accessories. They also promote nature conservation through Cornell University’s laboratory of Ornithology by carrying out local programs in schools and garden clubs. With a franchise from this firm you may make a positive difference in your community doing work, which is meaningful and satisfying. You’ll be your own boss enjoying business mixed with your passion for nature and birds. You’ll surely enjoy the rewards of teaching others more about the environment with the required professional help from your franchiser. The later provides you a unique combination of loyalty building products along with information and inspiration that helps you establish a franchise store completely embraced by the community it serves. The stores have an established trade dress and other standards making it attractive and popular as e relaxing place for customers to shop. The Bark Busters may be another option for you. The Bark Busters are a dog training franchise. Fancy the idea of being taught the secrets of training a dog to completely changing its behavior in just two hours? Bark Busters may be a tremendous opportunity for you if you are passionate about dogs and business at the same time. It’s a well-established and respected franchise system, which has an innovative, holistic and unique style of training dogs and their owners with behavioral modifications. The training is non-harsh and effective and is completed in the comfort and convenience of the client’s home. As a Bark Busters behavioral therapist you teach the owners how to rectify issues that frustrate them or the neighbors. So just tap into the pet industry, which is a 36 billion dollar market! The Bark Busters have a huge market spread from the effectiveness of its services.

Friday, June 1, 2007

SeaMaster Cruises

Franchise Gator’s Cruise and Travel agency franchise directory offers you details on home-based cruise franchises. The SeaMaster Cruise is the leading in their count. Owning a franchise of the SeaMaster Cruises is a unique opportunity, which offers you financial success and a lifestyle that will surely bring the world to your feet. The SeaMaster Cruises are backed by Carlson Companies who are leading in the travel industry. Hence the former has the power and experience at hand, which helps you build and manage your cruise business. At SeaMaster Cruises they accept your success to be theirs and in order to ensure your success they provide you with the best tools and guidance possible. Support, education, technology and agent marketing they give you all for you to create the foundation of a successful home-based franchise. The cruise industry is one of the most interesting sectors for franchising, it has been having an average growth rate of 8.4%since 1980 and hence it is highly lucrative. 51% of the US population is potential cruise clients. The franchiser has a host of programs to increase the effectiveness of the business. The corporate staff is available to review complete agent operations and to provide programs devised to increase profit. As for Carlson’s industry clout they are able to provide large-scale programs that provide increased yield on various types of products. The SeaMaster Cruises franchise aligns you with an organization that commits to develop the leading “home-based” cruise distribution system in North America. They make use of friendly technology wherever possible to improve the efficiency and the way of life of the franchisees and customers. The narrow focus quickly allows you to be a product specialist with internalized knowledge of each product and the way they suite individual travelers. One of SeaMaster Cruises chief advantages is its affiliation in the Carlson Travel Network Associates, Inc. (Carlson) family as it also includes other industry leading travel agency franchise brands.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Brilliant Sky Toys & Books

A brand new opportunity for aspiring franchisees can be the Brilliant Sky Toys and Books. It can be a wonderful franchise opportunity for you. At Brilliant Sky Toys and Books employees are in touch with regular continuous operations, which allow them to offer the highest levels of personal support to their franchisees. They have grabbed the attention of their industry by being selected in the list of top seven toyshops in 2005 and they aspire to be awarded as a Brilliant Sky Franchise. The time has never been more favorable than now to start a future in the specialty toy industry as parents and grandparents these days are more educated and financially stable and are seeking whatever is the best for their children. The market is now on an upsurge as customers seek unique and developmentally better products in a high service atmosphere. So it’s better to plunge in now. If you start with a Brilliant Sky Franchise the support of the franchiser begins from day 1 and never ends. They help you with site selection, store design, product selection, training and support, operations manual and marketing as well. If you are still wondering you can be the one or not you just need to check whether you are motivated, hardworking and proud or not? And if you have a love for games then the next Brilliant Sky franchise could be yours.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Here is the franchise-gator's Automotive Franchise Directory. Entrepreneurs interested in buying or starting a new franchise may look for all sorts of information on automotive repairs, tools, computers, service equipment and any other sort of information you need. If automobiles are your fist love then you join the largest wholesale distributors of automotive radiators 1-800 RADIATOR. It's a company that deals in$1.5 billion in the world market of dollars. They sell new parts with no repair or installation involved, with their outlets at 60 places nationwide they sold radiators and a/c condensers worth $69 million in 2005. If you choose it to be your option you have no problem with the inventory risk or unsold parts as they will heartily take them back. They have a massive exposure on the net and retail websites and e-Bay auctions as well. You don't need to do any marketing personally on the net any all the local profit is yours.